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                                                               Where You Look Affects How You Feel~ Explore Brainspotting


Attendees will be introduced to the fast rising neurobiological experiential practice of Brainspotting(BSP). Over 15,000 therapists have been trained in BSP (52 countries internationally). They will be given the opportunities to experience for themselves the focused-mindfulness brain/body felt-sense connection to prove valid the statement by founder David Grand PhD "Where you look affects how you feel." In traditional therapy, use of the top-brain (Cerebral Cortex) while slivers of help go down into the midbrain where all the emotions and memories are stored. In Brainspotting, the eyes have a laser beam connection with the midbrain and totally bypasses the top brain. Focused mindfulness on that Brain-spot helps the files to reorder. The reordered files work their way up to the top brain to rewire experiences as a memory without the big emotions and body reactions. Attendees will not only experience for themselves they will also witness a live demonstration of an actual BSP session. There will be time for questions. Participants will walk away from this session confident that clients' needs can be met on a whole new paradigm.

What's in your Toolbox?

toolboxStress Relief Strategies for Practitioner and Patient

Participants will gain knowledge in coping skills to utilize in their practice and in personal well care, identify areas of their environment that are producing stressful reactions in their daily lives as well as their clients, and lastly participants will be able to identify ways to utilize de-escalation techniques. This is a lively, interactive presentation with hands-on experiences you will be able to use the second you leave the training.


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